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Setting a reminder for submitting expense reports
Setting a reminder for submitting expense reports

Learn how to set the reminder and make full use of it.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

Is it a challenge to stay on your team's back and ping them ad-hoc every time to remind them to submit their expense reports? Fret not. If you're an admin, you can now set a reminder for it. And your team will be notified via email.
Follow these steps to set the reminder:
1. Go to Settings by clicking on the Settings icon on the top of your screen.

2. Go to Account > Notifications. You'll see a section for Reminders.

3. Click on Add Reminder. You will see this following dialog.

4. Under Select Reminder, select the option called Unreported Expenses. This is the reminder for notifying all team members who have expenses that are ready to be reported.

5. Next, select whether you want this reminder to be sent to your team weekly or monthly. And based on whichever option you select, set the schedule next.

6. Then optionally add a Reminder message you want your team to see in the notification email.

7. Finally, check the box below if you want Fyle to add a reminder to your employees' Google Calendar.

8. Click on Add Reminder once you're done. Now based on the schedule you've set, your team will receive the reminder automatically.

An Interesting functionality of this feature:

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