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Google Calendar Reminders

Create events on the employees' calendars for auto-reminders

Written by Shrey
Updated over a week ago

Admins can now create events on the employees' calendars for auto reminders scheduled on Fyle. The events will be saved on the calendar as soon as the employee receives the reminder email. This feature is available for the organizations whose home currency is USD and the email client is Gmail.
To configure the same, navigate to Settings > Organisation > Auto-reminders.
1. Click on Add Reminder and select the type of auto-reminder you would like to set for the employees on Fyle

Select the reminder to configure from the dropdown

2. Choose the reminder type: Weekly or Monthly, add the date/day, time, and add a customized reminder message that you would like to send to the employees

Choose the reminder type

3. Select the checkbox against Add a reminder to the employee's calendar

Select the checkbox to add reminder to the employee's calendar

4. Click on Add Reminder to save the configuration

The reminder email will be sent to the employees based on the reminder type set on Fyle and an event will be created on the employees' calendar on the next day.


Google event created automatically for the reminder set on Fyle

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