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Import Employees from Netsuite to Fyle
Import Employees from Netsuite to Fyle

This article explains how you can import employees set up in your Netsuite account as employees in Fyle using the integration

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Netsuite is one of the most used accounting integration amongst Fyle users, and most of the users already have their employee data stored in their Netsuite accounts. Admins can easily import these employees from Netsuite into Fyle using the Fyle-Netsuite Integration.

Importing employees via the integration not only creates employees in Fyle but also disables employees in Fyle when they are deactivated or marked as terminated in Netsuite. There is no need for any manual update in Fyle since the integration will auto-sync all the key data such as employee status, supervisor, department, and location.

If you are an existing user with employees already created in Fyle, the employee records will be mapped to their respective counterparts in Netsuite, and the employee data in Fyle such as primary approver, department, etc., will be over-written by the data in Netsuite.

Follow the below steps to import employees from Netsuite to set them up as employees in Fyle.

Select the employees in Netsuite that you'd like to import to Fyle

Note: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Fyle-Netsuite bundle installed in your Netsuite account. You can read how to update the Fyle-Netsuite Bundle here.

To select the employees that you'd like to import to Fyle, you can use the 'Allow access to Fyle' option created in Netsuite (after you install the Fyle-Netsuite bundle).

  • Go to Lists > Employees > Employees

  • Open an employee record from the list and go to Access

  • Check the Allow access to Fyle checkbox and hit Save

Only employees with this option enabled will be imported to Fyle. If you'd like to bulk update the access for multiple employees, follow the steps shared in the below video

Import employees to Fyle from Netsuite

Note: You can import employees from Netsuite only when employees are set up as employees and not when they are set up as vendors.

Follow the below steps after logging in to your Fyle-Netsuite Integration using your Fyle admin credentials.

  • Go to Configuration > Advanced Settings

  • Switch the Auto Create Employee in Fyle toggle on

  • And click Save

Once you click on Save, the integration will begin to create new employees in Fyle or map existing employees in Fyle to their respective counterparts in Netsuite. This may take a few seconds, depending on the number of employees you are importing from Netsuite.

Auto-sync of employee data

When this feature is turned on, all the employee data in Fyle will be updated based on the data in Netsuite. Following are the values that get auto-updated in Fyle based on the values in Netsuite.

  • Employee name

  • Primary Approver (Supervisor in Netsuite)

  • Email ID

  • Department

  • Location

  • Employee status
    (An employee in Fyle will be disabled if the respective user is made Inactive/Terminated in Netsuite)

The above data will be auto-synced between Fyle and Netsuite every 24 hours. If you'd like to manually sync the values instantly, open the Integration and hit on the sync button, after a few seconds the changes will be updated.

Points to note while importing employees from Netsuite

  • E-mail is a mandatory field required to create an employee in Fyle. Employee records with no Email ID in Netsuite will not be imported to Fyle.

  • Ensure that the e-mail IDs are unique for each of your employees. Duplication in e-mail IDs across multiple employees will lead to import failure.

  • To import the Primary approver (supervisor) of an employee from Netsuite, ensure that the Primary approver is an active user on Netsuite.

  • Employee mapping in the integration between Fyle and Netsuite will be established only after the employees complete their Fyle app verification.

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