Please note that you'll be able to use this feature only if your company has signed up for beta access to Visa Real-time feed. If you don't have access to this feature, please send your admin the steps to get access.

First, please ensure that your Visa card is connected to Fyle by following the steps outlined here.

Next, if you haven't already, please connect your Slack account to Fyle using the steps outlined here.

Now, when Fyle gets information about a transaction on your Visa card, you'll receive a Slack notification like this in real-time.

You can either click on "Attach Receipt" or reply to this thread with a picture or PDF of the receipt, and you're done!

Later, you can go to your Fyle account to review the details and submit your expenses in an expense report.

To know more about submitting expenses, read here.

You can also attach receipt using Text Message or SMS using the steps outlined here.

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