As an administrator, you can assign the expenses with the following payment modes to your employees: Personal Card/Cash and Paid By Company.

Follow the steps mentioned below to assign an expense to your employee:

  1. Go to Individual view, and create an expense.

  2. Select the right payment mode. You can assign the expense on the expense form if the payment mode is either Personal Card/Cash or Paid By Company.

  3. Enter the expense details and add any relevant receipt(s).

  4. Click on the Assign Expense toggle at the bottom of the expense form.

  5. Select an employee to whom you want to assign this expense.

    Note that the expense will be assigned to your employee and will not be seen on your Expenses page. However, you can always view this expense on the Company Expenses page.

  6. Click on Save after filling in all mandatory fields on the expense form.

You can cross-verify this by asking your employee to check the expense in the My Expenses section. At the top of the expense form, you can see the person who created the expense.

For Payment Mode: Corporate Card expenses, you can assign the card or transactions by going to Corporate Cards > Transactions > Assign Transaction in the Organization view. Follow the steps mentioned here to assign a corporate card transaction to your employee.

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