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Create And Assign Expenses To Your Employees
Create And Assign Expenses To Your Employees

What is Assign Expense? What kind of expenses can you assign? Where are assigned expenses visible to the employee?

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

As an admin, you can create expenses on behalf of your employees and assign the expenses to them. The employees can edit and then submit these expenses for approval. The expenses that can be created and assigned by the admins include those that are either paid by the employee or paid by the company (does not include corporate credit card).

Follow the steps mentioned below to assign an expense to your employee:

Switch to your Spender view, and start creating an expense by opening the expense form.

Enter the expense details and add any relevant receipt(s). You can assign the expense on the expense form if the payment mode is either Personal Card/Cash or Paid By Company.

Check the box next to the Assign Expense option at the bottom of the expense form.

Click on the dialog box that appears and select the name of the employee you want to assign the expense to from the drop-down list and click on Save.

The employee to whom the expense was assigned will be able to view this expense in their Fyle account under the Unreported tab on their My Expenses page.

The expense will have an indicator that it was created by the admin on top of the expense form.

NOTE: The employee will be able to edit and save any changes on the expense form before they submit it for approval.

To assign/re-assign expenses linked with Corporate Credit Card transactions, you will have to reassign the transaction itself.

To learn more about assigning/re-assigning corporate credit card transactions, click here.

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