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FAQs on Mastercard Real-time Feed
FAQs on Mastercard Real-time Feed

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions on Mastercard Real-time Feed with Fyle.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
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FAQs about connecting the card, eligibility, and text notifications

  1. How do I get access to the Mastercard Real-time feed?

    You are eligible for the Mastercard Real-time Feed if you satisfy the following:

    1. Must be a Business or Enterprise Plan customer

    2. Home currency must be USD

    3. The company cards must be on the Mastercard network and must be issued by a US bank (any bank)

    Please go through this article to learn more about the process.

  2. How can I connect a Mastercard to get the transactions on Fyle?

    Once the Mastercard real-time feed is enabled, Once you have access to the real-time feed with Mastercard, you can connect the card easily from the Settings page on Fyle. Follow the steps mentioned here to connect your Mastercard to Fyle.
    You can remind your employees to add their Mastercards. Follow the steps mentioned here to remind your employees.

  3. Is Verification of the mobile number mandatory to receive text notifications?

    Yes. You can get real-time feed notifications via text message only after verifying your mobile number.

  4. Will I get a text notification if there's a refund or credit on my Mastercard?
    No, we don't send text notifications for a refund or credit charge. You'll receive a text notification only when the card is used to make purchases.

  5. Can I connect my personal Mastercard for real-time feed?
    Mastercard real-time feed doesn't work for Personal cards.

  6. Will I get the real-time feed if my Mastercard is based in the US but my transaction happened outside the US?

    Yes. If your Mastercard is issued from a US bank and you make a transaction outside the US, you will get the real-time feed for those transactions.

  7. Can I connect my Mastercard debit cards for real-time feed?

    Yes. You can connect your Mastercard debit card to Fyle to get real-time feed.

    If you have enrolled on a debit card, please note that not all transactions with your enrolled debit card may be eligible for expense tracking, including PIN-based purchases. Do not use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when paying for your purchase if you want the transaction to be available under this service.

FAQs about card management

  1. One of the employees who was using a Mastercard left the organization. Will the transactions sync to Fyle?
    No, Fyle disconnects the card within 24 hours if the cardholder is disabled. The transactions of that card won't be synced to Fyle after 24 hours.

  2. How can I turn off the Mastercard Real-Time Feed for my organization and have all of my cards disconnected?

    In Admin Settings > Cards > Corporate Cards, you can turn off the toggle next to "Enable Mastercard Real-Time Feed". After confirming, all cards connected to the Mastercard Real-Time Feed will be disconnected.

    Note: If there are cards with no transactions connected to Mastercard Real-Time Feed, they will be deleted from Fyle.

FAQs about transaction behavior

  1. The food expenses being created by Mastercard don't include tips, as the tips are swiped later. Do we need to create two expenses for these two transactions?

    No. You don't need to create two expenses, for the food bill and tip.
    In this case, if the expense created by the first transaction (food bill) is not Approved (by Approvers), the transaction amount of the tip will get added to the expense from the food bill. There will be only one expense with an updated amount.

    For your understanding, two distinct operations happen after you swipe your credit card: Authorization and Settlement. Please go through this article to understand the process.

  2. I placed an order on Amazon, but the transaction doesn't show up on Fyle. Why is this happening?

    For orders placed on Amazon, you can expect transactions to appear on Fyle after the seller has confirmed the order. Note that sometimes you may not see transactions until after the items have shipped. We have no control over this and are dependent on the card network.

  3. My transactions from the Gas station are missing on Fyle. Why did that happen?
    Usually, gas stations charge 1 USD to validate your card. These are hold or pending transactions, and the actual transaction with the fuel amount will come in a little later after the bank processes (or settles) these transactions. Fyle doesn't create expenses for such 1 USD transactions, and you can find the transactions on Fyle only after the bank processes them.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any other questions.

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