Multi-org Setup on Fyle

This article explains the steps of creating multiple organizations on Fyle by adding sub-orgs.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
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If you are an organization with multiple subsidiaries spread across different countries, you can have all of those subsidiaries on Fyle easily.

You can create multiple orgs as sub-orgs to the primary organization (the Main organization). In this article, we will cover the steps to create Multiple organizations within Fyle and how you can switch between them easily.

Just so you know, managing multiple orgs on Fyle is available for Business Plan or above.

Creating another organization

It is only possible for the Owner of an org to create a sub-org. Please inform your Account Manager by emailing [email protected] to update the billing details before creating multiple orgs.

Follow these steps to create multiple organizations on Fyle:

  1. Go to Organization Settings > Account > General

  2. Click on Add Organization

  3. Enter the name of the subsidiary or sub-org, its domain, and its home currency. You can have different currencies for different orgs on Fyle.

  4. Click on Save to create an organization on Fyle for your subsidiary.

  5. You can switch between the orgs by clicking on the org name here.

Cross-org Approvals

If you have employees who need approvals from multiple orgs, you can use the cross-org approvals. You can read this article to understand the process.

Feel free to contact [email protected] for more information on managing multiple organizations on Fyle.

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