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How to handle errors when creating dependent fields in Fyle?
How to handle errors when creating dependent fields in Fyle?

Article on what causes errors while creating dependent fields and how to resolve them.

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Dependent fields can be set up in Fyle when you typically want to control the values displayed for a second field based on the values selected in the first field while creating an expense.

If you have already set up the dependent fields in Fyle as shared here but are facing errors while uploading the values, this article will guide you on use cases of errors and how to resolve them and set up dependent fields in Fyle.

Errors when uploading dependent field values

To upload the dependent field values, Fyle would generate a prefilled template with Primary field values to which a dependent field can be mapped.

Errors typically occur when you tamper with the primary field values prefilled in the sheet.

For example, let us take a case where you want to set up Project > Cost Code dependent fields. First, you would create a dependent field with Project as the primary field value, as shared here, and then, in step two, download the prefilled template and add the dependent field values to the rows. While doing so, errors may occur in the following cases :

1. Adding a new project value in the template

The data template to add the dependent fields in Fyle already comes with the pre-existing primary field ( Project) values in Fyle, as shown below :

Now, say you are adding a new Project name, Project 5, to this list that does not exist in Fyle.

This will cause an error when the data is uploaded again to Fyle. The error log will look like this.

In this case, the error indicates that Project 5 is unavailable in the system. To fix this, delete the row and upload the file again.

2. Editing the project names in the template

Another case is when you edit the project names. The name details of the primary field should not be edited in the shared template. In the example below, the project 1 is edited to Project &1

If the name is edited, the system again considers this value non-existent and throws an error, as shown below.

3. Leaving the project value empty while filling in the template

Another case that occurs is when the Project row value is left empty,

Again, since the project value is left empty, the system would flag this as an error. All the rows need to be updated with the project values for the dependent field values to be created.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions at [email protected], and we will be happy to help.

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