My Expenses page can be accessed by clicking on the "My Expenses" button or from the Expenses tab seen on the left panel on the user dashboard. 

Fyle dashboard for Fyler

My expenses page contains a list of unreported expenses.

Actions you can take on Expenses tab

Add Expense: Add new Expense Manually

Create Report: Select an expense or multiple expenses and click on this button to create an expense report. 

Add to Report: Select the checkboxes of the expenses and click on this button and select an existing report which are in Draft or Reported state.

Delete: Select an expense and click on this button found on the top right corner of the page to delete the expense.

Export: Select the checkboxes of the expenses and click on this button to export data of the selected expenses into CSV or Excel format.

Exports expenses to file formats

Edit an expense: Click on the expense row to open the expense. You can now edit the expense. Click on Save once you are done editing the expense.

Filter based on states

Sorting expenses on Fyle

4 views based on the state of an expense:

  • Ready to Report 

  • Drafts

  • Flagged

  • Cannot Report

You can also search based on a time period by entering a date range by clicking on the Filters button seen on the top right and selecting the filter as Date of Spend.

Filters to find expenses on Fyle

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