Expenses are present in various states from the time they are created to the time they are paid off. Some of these may need additional action on them in order to submit them. You can view all your expenses on a single screen and filter them as per your requirement.

All your expenses are visible under the My Expenses tab.

Click on Expenses from the left-hand sidebar in order to navigate to the My Expenses page

The My Expenses page classifies your expenses into five sections:

Unreported: The expenses that have been created but have not been assigned to a report yet.

Incomplete: The expenses that have missing mandatory fields to be filled in order to save and add them to a report.

Flagged: The expenses that have been highlighted as they need additional attention from any other approver/s or department within your organization.

Cannot Report: The expenses that have violated one or more of the critical policies set by your organization.

All: A list of all expenses across all the different states including incomplete, unreported, reported, incomplete, approved, payment processing, payment queue, and paid.

Bulk Actions for Your Expenses

In order to perform a bulk action you can select the expenses using the checkbox and click on the required actions to be carried out.

Start Review: The selected expenses will be lined up for review. The details can be edited and saved during reviewing the expenses.

Add to Report: The selected expenses can be added to an existing report or to a new report.

Merge: The selected expenses (up to 2 expenses) can be merged into a single expense. You can choose the details to keep on the merged expense.

Delete: The selected expenses will be deleted. Please note, deleted expenses cannot be retrieved.

Export: The selected expenses can be exported via Excel or CSV format and shared via email.

Filter Your Expenses

You can Filter your expenses as per your requirement using the fields entered in the expense forms.

Click on the Filters button and select the required options to filter your expenses and select Apply Filters to apply the selected filters.

Viewing all your expenses under the present states gives an overview of those expenses that require your attention for submission. As well as provides a list of previous expenses for your record.

To learn more about how to create an expense via the mobile app, click here.

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