Approvers have the ability within the mobile app to approve their reportees’ expense reports or send it back for rectification.

  1. Navigate to Team Reports from the menu to access the reports sent for your approval.

  2. By default, you will see the reports that needs to be approved/in Reported state. You can select the "All" state filter to view all the reports that are under Team Report.

Filtering team reports from the mobile app

3. Clicking on each expense report will give you all the details about the expenses. Any issues / violations will be indicated as well, fret not!

4. You have the option of approving the report or sending it back

Send Back or approve the report from the mobile app

5. If the report is in order, go ahead and approve it! You can also send back the report whilst providing the reason for the action and your reportee will be notified of the same through an e-mail.

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