When you want to add information to expenses that are specific to your organisation or a specific metric you would like to track, you can do so by creating custom fields.

As the name suggests, you can customise the expense form by creating new expense fields in addition to the set of default fields available.

For example, if you are fyling a team dinner expense and you are required to add the number of participants in the expense, you can add a custom field to enter the number of participants.

To add a custom field:

  • Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon

  • Click on the EXPENSES tab

  • Click on the FIELDS tab


  • Enter the Name of the field.

  • Choose Field Type. Custom fields can of type number, text, date, location, multi-select, yes/no, or a dropdown.

  • Now select expense categories to which the custom field needs to be added

  • You also have the option of making custom fields mandatory

  • Hit 'SAVE', and start fyling!

add custom field

The new custom expense field is saved now and will show up while claiming expenses for the category to which it has been added.

custom expense field in expense form
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