Selective Assignment Of Projects To Employees

Learn how to selectively assign only projects relevant to the employee.

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What does this feature do?

  • This feature helps Admins limit the list of projects shown to a user while creating an expense. The users will only be able to view projects that are assigned to them.

  • It helps Admins maintain abstraction about the different projects in the company, displaying only those relevant to that particular user.

  • It reduces the possibility of users selecting the wrong projects while creating expenses.

  • Admins can control what projects are assigned to the users.

Enable this feature:

Navigate to admin settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on Organization from the left-hand side panel and select Projects.

On top of the list of projects, toggle the Enable selective assignment of projects to employees to Yes.

Assign projects to users:

In your admin settings, click on Employees from the left-hand sidebar and select Manage Employees. Click on a user's name to assign projects to them.

In the Edit Employee box that opens, scroll down to Allowed Projects under the Expense Details section. Select the projects to be assigned to the user from the drop-down list.

Click on Save to finish.

Once the changes are saved, only the assigned projects will be visible to the user to choose from while creating an expense.

This covers the selective assignment of projects to employees' feature.

To learn more about managing the visibility of categories based on the assigned projects, click here.

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