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Steps to perform if you are unable to access Fyle due to the change in domain name.

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If you have trouble accessing your Fyle account via the new domain (https://accounts.fylehq.com) and run into the following screen, it is highly likely that some important URLs are being blocked by your corporate network (VPN).

unable to log in to fyle

Please follow these steps:

  • Please get in touch with your IT Team and ask them to whitelist *.fylehq.com in your corporate network (VPN)

  • Once your IT Team has confirmed whitelisting, reconnect to your corporate network (VPN)

  • While waiting for your IT team to whitelist *.fylehq.com, you can continue to access your Fyle account outside of your corporate network (VPN). You can consider using your mobile app on a mobile network (4G/3G) or on your personal computer that does not use the corporate network (VPN)

The new domains being used by fyle now are:

  • accounts.fylehq.com

  • in1.fylehq.com

  • us1.fylehq.com

If the problem still persists, please reach out to [email protected] and include your IT personnel in the email so we can quickly resolve the issue for you.

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