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Mark Corporate Card Transactions as Personal
Mark Corporate Card Transactions as Personal

How to mark corporate card transactions as personal? How to reverse Mark as Personal change?

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

In cases when a transaction incurred by a user on their assigned corporate card is a personal transaction. You can mark these transactions as personal, these transactions need not be matched with any expenses on Fyle as they were not requested by the organization.

To mark a transaction as personal, follow the steps mentioned below:

Click on Corporate Cards from the left-hand side panel, and select Manage Cards. From the Assigned Cards section select the required card.

NOTE: Only assigned transactions can be marked as personal. If the transaction is unassigned, assign it to an employee first and then mark it as personal

Select the required transactions using the checkboxes and click on Classify as Personal.

A pop-up box will appear to confirm proceeding with the change, click on Mark as Personal to finish.

The transaction will be classified as personal. You can click on the transaction to view it and undo the classification change as well.

Click on the Undo Classification to reverse the change.

Following these steps, you can mark corporate card transactions as personal and undo the classification if required.

To learn more about how to assign corporate card transactions manually, click here.

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