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How can you quickly navigate to the data you're looking for using the search bar

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With the recent improvements made in our search bar, you can easily navigate to any data point present on any page by just entering the value in the search bar instead of having to apply the Filters option. This feature is most useful in cases where you want to quickly search any data based on a single condition and by inputting a single value.

Here's how this feature works:

Let's suppose you are on the Expenses page and you only want to view the expenses created of the category "Bus", just simply type in "bus" in the search bar and all the expenses of this category will appear.

Similarly, you can search for data based on the
- Date of Spend, Amount
- Expense number (for Expenses page only)
- Report claim number (for Reports page only),
- Category (for Expenses page only), and
- Employee name (for Approvers).
If any of the above-mentioned columns are not visible to you on the page you are on, then simply click on the Manage Columns button and select the checkboxes of the columns you want to view.

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