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Exporting the expenses in PDF with receipts
Exporting the expenses in PDF with receipts

Read how to export the expenses in PDF format with the receipts from the Company Expenses page.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

For you as admins, it's essential to store the data of the expenses and receipts. The excel/CSV export present on the Expenses page will help you export all the details of the expenses in a tabular format with the receipt links to each expense.

If you're working for different clients for whom you incur the expenses, you are expected to send a report to your client with the details of expenses and the receipts so that you're duly reimbursed. And there is no better format than a PDF which can be read on a mobile phone!

Since PDFs can't be edited and tampered with, accountants and auditors prefer PDF reports of the expenses. You can download the PDF report from the Company Expenses page. Please follow the steps mentioned here.

  1. Navigate to the Company Expenses page from the Organization view.

  2. Apply necessary filters to view the relevant expenses you want to export in PDF.

  3. Select all the expenses you'd want to see in the PDF and click on Export.

  4. Select PDF in the list of formats shown.

  5. If you want to have the receipts attached in the PDF, select With Receipts. If you're going to share the PDF report with anyone over email, please enter their email ID in the box shown and click Next.

  6. Select the columns you wish to see on the PDF. Since there is a space constraint on the PDF file, we currently support up to a selection of 10 columns, including Custom fields.

  7. Click on Export. You will get a link to download the PDF file in your inbox.

Download from Inbox

You will get an email with a link to Download the PDF from Fyle. Click on Download to directly download the PDF on your device.

PDF file

After you click on the link present in your inbox, the PDF file will be downloaded on your device. Here's what the PDF looks like:

  1. Table of Expenses

    The initial sections of the PDFs will contain the list of expenses with the relevant details in a tabular format. You can click on the receipt icon to navigate and verify the respective receipt of that expense.

  2. Receipts

    After the expenses table, you'll see the receipts of each expense in the same order present in the table of expenses. To identify the receipts quickly, the receipts would contain the name of the employee, the amount, and the date of spend.

    You can view the expense on the Fyle website by clicking on the "View in Web app", which takes you to the expense on the web app.

Order of Columns

  • The column order for a PDF can be modified by using Manage Columns on the Company Expenses page.

  • The columns in the PDF will retain their order from left to right from the Company Expenses page.

  • In the PDF, the columns visible on the Company Expenses page will appear before the selected columns (but not visible on Company Expenses) later in the export screen.

  • The columns will be arranged left to right based on their presence on the Company Expenses page at the time of the current export, regardless of if they were visible in the previous export.


  1. We are limiting the maximum number of expenses to be exported in PDF at once to 1000 expenses. Please stay with us until we can work on exporting as many expenses as you want!

  2. In this PDF export, you can select up to 10 columns to export.

Please get in touch with our support team at [email protected] for further information or issues while exporting the expenses in PDF format.

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