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Add your Expenses to an Expense Report
Add your Expenses to an Expense Report

How to add expenses to an expense report? How to submit your expenses in an expense report?

Written by Meeha Tewari
Updated over a week ago

Once you have add all your expenses on Fyle, you can proceed to submit them for approval. Any expense must be added to an expense report to submit it for approval on Fyle.

There are many ways you can submit your expenses in an expense report.

Using Tasks (via Dashboard)

You can find your pending work under Tasks on your dashboard. If you have any unreported expenses (expenses that have not been added to any expense report), you will see these expenses in your tasks.

Click on Add to Report to proceed to add them to an expense report.

Next, add these expenses to an Existing Report or create a New Report and and click on Submit Report to send your expense report for approval.

Your expense report is now submitted for approval.

Using My Expenses page

Go to Expenses from the left panel. Select the Unreported tab. This section includes all your expenses that have not been included in any expense report yet.

Select an expense or multiple expenses that you want to include in the expense report and click on Add to Report.

Select an Existing Report or create a New Report to add your selected expenses.

Finally, Submit Report if you wish to send your expenses for approval to your approver. In case you don't want to submit your report yet and wish to edit it or add more expenses to it later, you can choose Save as Draft instead.

Note: Your approver or admin will not be able to take any action on your expense reports which are still in a Draft state.

Add Expenses to a Report Directly

You can add expenses to an expense report directly from the report view. Click on the report to which the expenses need to be added. In the report view, click on Add new expense.

Add Expense to a Report while creating the Expense

While creating an expense you can add it to a report right away.

While filling in expense details in the expense form, under the Add to Report field you can select the report name that the expense needs to be added to. The expense will be saved in the selected report.

Following any of the mentioned methods, you can easily add your expenses to expense reports and submit them for approval. To learn more about creating reports via the mobile app, click here.

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