The My Expenses page shows all of your expenses classified under five brackets - Unreported, Incomplete, Flagged, Cannot Report, and All - visible at the top of the page.


The expenses listed under the Unreported state are expenses that have been created but have not been assigned to a report yet.

These include expenses:

• that have been manually created, saved, and are remaining to be assigned to a report

Expenses in this stage can be edited, clicking on an expense from the list will take you to its expense form where you can edit the required details.


The expenses under the Incomplete stage are expenses that have missing mandatory fields to be filled in order to save and add them to a report.

These include the expenses:

• that have been automatically created from data retrieved from your linked corporate card/s (if applicable)

• that get created once you have uploaded a receipt for automatically extracting data and have mandatory fields yet to be filled in

Expenses in this stage can be edited by clicking on the expense individually and editing details in the expense form. However, details such as the card number cannot be changed and the expense itself cannot be deleted.


The expenses under the Flagged stage are expenses that have been highlighted as they need additional attention from any other approver/s or department within your organization.

These include the expenses:

• that have violated one or more of the expense policies set by your organization

Cannot Report:

The expenses under the Cannot Report stage are the expenses that have violated one or more of the critical policies set by your organization.

You will only be able to report these expenses once you have made and saved the required changes to the expenses and they adhere to your organization’s policy.


The list of expenses visible under this bracket are all of your created expenses across all the different stages including incomplete, unreported, reported, incomplete, approved, payment processing, payment queue, and paid.

You can view each expense by clicking on them individually.

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