Filtering your expenses is a quick and easy way to view and identify certain types of expenses. You can filter your expenses, save, delete and even share your filters with your colleagues.

To filter your expenses, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Apply Filters to your expenses

  • Click on My Expenses from the left sidebar to navigate to your expenses page.

  • Select the tab under which you want to apply a filter. If you wish to create a filter for all the expenses, select the All tab.

  • Click on the Filters button on the top right side of your screen

  • In the Apply Filters box that appears, select your Field and Options from the drop-down menus. To add another filter, click on the Add Filter button.

  • To add subfilters, click the Expand icon. If you wish to delete the filter, click the Trash Bin icon.

  • Once you have selected the required filter, click on Apply Filters to apply the filters.

  • The applied filters will be visible under the Add Expense button.

Remove filters

  • To remove all applied filters, select Clear All.

Save your filters

  • You can save your filters in order to use them again. To do so, click on Save this Filter.

  • In the Save Filter box that appears, enter a name for the filter. And click on Save Filter to save the changes.

  • If you wish to share the filter with your colleagues, toggle the Share with everyone feature to Yes and click on Save Filter.

  • You can view the saved and shared filters by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the Filters button.

The filters that have been shared will be visible under Shared Filters and filters that are not shared will be visible under Personal Filters.

Following the mentioned steps, you should be able to apply, share and delete filters for your expenses.

You can also manage the details visible to you in the columns for the expenses and choose the required details. To learn more about managing columns, click here.

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