Filter Your Company Expenses

How to add filters on company expenses? How do I remove filters applied to company expenses?

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Filtering your organization's expenses enables you to view expenses by adding specific criteria requirements. You can add in single or multiple filters at once, save filters that are used often and even share them with your colleagues.

Applying Filters

Switch to Organization view and select Expenses from the left sidebar. Above the list of expenses, click on the funnel icon to open Filters.

In the Apply Filters box that appears, select your Field and Options from the drop-down menus. To add another filter, click on the Add Filter button.

If you wish to delete the filter, click the Trash Bin icon.

Once you have selected the required filter, click on Apply Filters to apply the filters.

The number of filters applied will be visible next to the Filter button.

You can directly filter the expenses by a specific employee using the dropdown menu under the Employee box. Select the required employee and click the Apply button.

Saving Filters

You can save filters that are used frequently by applying the filter and clicking on the Save icon on the right-hand side of filters.

In the Save Filters box that appears, type in a name for the filter. If you wish to share the filter with your colleagues, toggle the Share Filters to Yes.

Click on the Save Filter button to proceed.

Once you have saved a filter, a Saved Filters button will appear beside the Save icon. Click on the arrow to view a drop-down menu of saved filters.

You can click on the filter to apply it.

Removing Filters

To remove applied filters, click on Clear All.

Following the steps mentioned above, you can easily apply, modify and remove filters on your organization's expenses.

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