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Admin Settings - Employees

Set employee fields to be filled in while adding new employees to Fyle

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

This article covers the settings in the Employees section under admin settings. This section allows you to control the employee information that is required when adding an employee to Fyle. You can make changes to these settings as and when required.

Navigate to your admin settings by clicking on the gear icon next to your profile in the top right corner of your screen.

From the left-hand side panel, click on Employees. Select Manage Employees.


Manage Employees

Under this section, you can see a list of all your employees. You can enable and disable employee accounts from this section. As well as add employees to Fyle individually or in bulk. If you have any employees that have not verified their Fyle accounts, you can resend invite links to remind them to verify their Fyle accounts.

Employee Fields

Custom Fileds

You can add fields specific to your organization in the Custom Fields section. Using these fields can capture any employee details in the form of text, numbers, location, date, etc that is required for your organization.

Default Fields

Under Default Fields, a list of fields is populated that you can choose to make mandatory or not. The Default Fileds list includes the following:

  • Employee ID: Your organization's employee identification number.

  • Title: The employee's designation in the organization (for example Executive, Manager, etc).

  • Level: The hierarchy level under which the employee belongs.

  • Business Unit: The business unit to which the employee is assigned.

  • Department: The department that the employee is a part of.

  • Sub-Department: The sub-department that the employee is assigned to.

  • Mobile: Contact number of the employee.

  • Location: The location where the employee operates from.

  • Date of Joining: The date the employee has joined your organization.

  • Approver: The approver that is assigned to approve the employee's expense reports.

  • Secondary Approver 1: The secondary approver (after the approver) that is assigned to approve the employee's expense reports.

  • Secondary Approver 2: The third approver (after the primary and secondary approver 1) that is assigned to approve the employee's expense reports.

  • Bank Details: Bank details of the employee.

This covers the Employees section of admin settings.

To learn more about how to create custom employee fields, click here.

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