While you can track the tasks pending on you and finish them, there might be tasks pending on your employees' side, like verifying the account, reporting the expenses, and adding a bank account for which you need to remind them at regular intervals.

From the Tasks Dashboard on Fyle, you can send reminders to your employees on the pending tasks on them.

You can schedule automated reminders, and Fyle takes care of sending the reminders automatically to your employees at the scheduled time. Here is the list of reminders that you can set up in this section:

  1. Unverified employees: Employees onboarded to Fyle but have not verified on Fyle. You can send reminders to verify and start reporting the expenses.

  2. Employees who didn't add a bank account: As you need to process reimbursements for the expenses incurred by employees, Employees need to add their bank account on Fyle to get the reimbursements.

  3. Incomplete expenses: If the employees don't fill the mandatory fields on the expenses or don't attach receipts, the expenses remain incomplete. The employees can't report those expenses unless they are complete.

  4. Unreported expenses: After the expenses are duly filled, the employees must submit the expense reports for approval. This reminder helps your employees add the expenses to the expense reports and submit them for approval.

  5. Unapproved expense reports: After your employees submit the expense reports, it's on the Approver to Approve/Send back the expense report. This reminder helps the approvers to finish their task of approving expense reports.

  6. Unverified Expense Reports: Reminder for your verifiers who haven't verified the expense reports pending on them.
    You need to enable Mandatory Verification and have a Verifier in your organization to send this reminder.

  7. Pending Reimbursements: Reminder for your payment processors to process the pending payments to your employees.
    You need to have a Payment Processor in your organization to send this reminder.

Corporate Cards

Visa Real-Time Feed

If your organization is enrolled on Visa Real-Time Feed, you can see these two reminders. Read here to know more about Visa RTF.

  • Cards Connectable to Visa Real-time Feed: Reminder for your employees who haven't connected their cards to Visa RTF.

  • Visa Cards Ready For Verification: Once your employees connect their cards to Visa RTF, they need to verify their cards. This is a reminder for your employees who haven't verified their cards for Visa RTF.

Mastercard Real-Time Feed

If your organization is enrolled on Mastercard Real-Time Feed, you can see this reminder. Read here to know more about Mastercard RTF.

  • Cards Connectable to Mastercard Real-time Feed: Reminder for your employees who haven't connected their cards to Mastercard RTF.

Steps to send reminders manually from Fyle

  1. To send the reminders for a type (incomplete expenses here), hover on it and click on Remind.

  2. You will see a screen where you can select the employee(s) you wish to send the reminder and add a custom message to add in the reminders.

  3. You can edit the employees' list by clicking on the edit icon beside employees count. Select the employees you wish to send reminders and click on Save.

  4. Click on Send Reminder to send the reminder manually.

  5. After sending the reminders successfully, you can consider automating these reminders to the employees by clicking on Set Automated Reminders.

Setting automated reminders

After sending the manual reminders, you will see an option to schedule automatic reminders for the employees at regular intervals. You can read the process of setting the automated reminders here.


  • You can send a reminder for a type once a day. If you wish to send multiple reminders of the same type (Incomplete expenses, etc.), you need to wait 24 hours after sending the first reminder.

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