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Tasks Page For Admins and Finance Teams
Tasks Page For Admins and Finance Teams

Actions you can take from the Tasks page

Written by Tanvi Telang
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Admins and Finance teams have a similar look and feel to their Fyle account with some additional features available only to the admin. The Tasks page is one of the common pages for both teams. Tasks is the first page you are directed to once you log in to your Fyle account. There are various actions that you can take right from this page, for example, you can send reminders to your employees, approve reports, assign corporate credit cards, etc.

This page works in two sections, the left-hand side comprises a To-Do List that lists various actions that you can carry out as an admin/finance. The right-hand side lists various types of reminders that you can send to your employees to make sure nothing remains pending on their end.

Your To-Do List

The To-Do list has various actions that you can carry out, including:

Reports in Processing: Mark reports as closed once complete.

Add automatic submission schedule: Set up an auto-submission schedule.

Add merchant-based expense rules: Configure merchant-based expense rules.

Upload new corporate card statement: Upload a new statement to import transactions.

Unassigned Cards: Assign corporate cards that have not been assigned to employees.

All items in the To Do list will have a button on their right that will take you to the relevant page where you can directly carry out the task from.

Send Reminders

You can send various reminders from the Tasks page to your employees. You can send reminders manually or set up an automatic schedule for reminders to trigger out with the frequency of your choosing.

The different reminders include:

Unverified Employees: Remind new spenders to verify their Fyle account.

Incomplete Expenses: Remind spenders to complete their expenses.

Complete Expenses: Remind spenders to submit their expenses.

Unapproved Expense Reports: Remind approvers to approve reports.

Sent Back Expense Reports: Remind spenders to revise and submit sent-back reports.

Cards Connectable to Visa Real-time Feed: Remind spenders to connect their cards to real-time feed.

Pending Reimbursements: Remind Finance to process reimbursements.

NOTE: All reminders will by default select employees who in real time qualify for that reminder. For example, a reminder to verify your Fyle account will only be sent to employees that have not yet verified their accounts on Fyle.

This covers the various actions that you can carry out from the Tasks page that is visible to Admin and Finance roles.

To learn more about admin account settings, click here.

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