As an admin, managing your organisation's expenses and settling the accounts of all employees can be tedious. You have pending tasks like approving expense reports, assigning corporate credit cards, processing reimbursements and reconciling corporate credit cards.

Presenting the Tasks dashboard, the homepage in Organisation view where you can find all the pending tasks. Here is the list of tasks that you can find in this section:

  1. Employee Expense Reports

    • Unverified Reports: Expense reports that are approved but not verified by Verifier (s) or Admin (s). You can see the number of unverified expense reports. Upon clicking on the Verify, you will be taken to the Verification Pending tab on the Reports section.

    • Unapproved Reports: Expense reports reported by your employees but are not approved by Approver (s). You can see the number of expense reports that are not approved. Upon clicking on the Approve, you will be taken to the Approval Pending tab on the Reports section.

  2. Reimbursements:

    • Pending reimbursements on the expense reports verified by the Admin or Verifier. Upon clicking on the Process, you will be taken to the Queue tab on the Payments section.

    • If your organisation has ACH to process payments, you need to take the expense reports from Queue to the Processing stage by selecting the reports and clicking Start Processing.

  3. Company Cards

    • Unassigned Cards: The corporate credit cards that are not assigned to any employee from your organisation on Fyle. You can assign each card by clicking on Assign.

    • Uploading Statement: You can upload the statement from the bank and import the card transactions on Fyle by clicking on Upload. Click here to know more about the process of uploading the corporate card statement.

Sending Reminders to the employees

You can read the process of sending the reminders from the Tasks Dashboard here.

Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] for further information or issues with the Tasks page.

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