Corporate Cards Settings

Settings related to Corporate Cards, ACH, and Bank Payment File.

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In this article, let us understand the various settings for your organization's corporate cards.

To access this page, go to Organization Settings > Cards & Banking > Corporate Cards.

Based on your requirement and usage, our team will enable the Corporate Cards Settings for your organization. If not done, kindly reach us at [email protected]. Once enabled, you can see the following sections on the Corporate Cards Settings page.

Bank Feed Integration

  • Bank Feed Integration allows your bank/card provider to directly send your corporate card bank feed to Fyle.

  • To understand the type of integration your bank has with Fyle, please read this article.

Please follow these steps to request bank feed integration:

  1. Click on Request

  2. Enter the Bank Name, the Name of the card provider and the number of cards.

  3. Click on Request to submit the request to our team. You'll receive an email from Fyle and subsequently, your account manager will help you with the steps based on your bank program and the card provider.

Note that only the Owner of the organization can request bank feed integration.

Bank Statement Upload

  • You can manually upload corporate card bank statements to import all transactions.

  • Follow the steps mentioned here to upload your bank statement.

Visa Real-time Feed

We have an industry-first way to get your company's credit card transaction data instantaneously on Fyle. For the customers on the Business plan and higher, we currently support Real-time Feed (RTF) for Visa Cards. You can read more about the Visa RTF here.

Mastercard Real-time Feed

For the customers on the Business plan and higher, we currently support Real-time Feed (RTF) for Mastercard. You can read more about the Mastercard RTF here. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.


  • Set up ACH (Automated Clearing House) to automate the reimbursement process by allowing funds to be moved directly from your organization's bank account to that of your employees.

  • Know more about the process here.

Bank Payment File

  • Add your organization's bank details that will be required for generating the Bank Payment File. Payment Files are used for batch-processing payments.


The setup of Bank Feed Integration involves communicating with your bank representative and this may take up to 2-3 business weeks depending upon your bank.

To make changes to this Corporate Cards Settings, please contact us at [email protected]

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